My Book Reviews of 2017

IQ by Joe Ide :: I really enjoyed this debut novel of an LA PI. Good characterization, excellent writing & dialogue, unfamiliar situations & bad guys with bad dogs, good guys with good hearts, everyone just trying to get through their lives. IQ's love for Marcus shines through, informing his life. Will read more if a series is in the works. Or if not.

(I know IQ is a fictional character, but I would like him to get the GED or take classes. He would too. Weird, I know, but such a great character. Not flimsy, great negotiator.) ****

The Proust Screenplay: A La Recherche du Temps Perdu by Harold Pinter :: Pinter and friends take on a daunting task here... Distilling Proust's 7-volume masterwork into a two-hour movie. I've read the whole book, I lead a group that's reading it with me again, so I got it, I loved it, I was visualizing his scene descriptions and quick-flash images. So all I can say is-- Is Julie Taymor or Mira Nair available? And that British costume designer who wins all the Oscars. It wouldn't be that hard, it wouldn't make any money, but boy, would it ever give you Proust-at-a-glance. *****

Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter :: Strange, wonderful, beautifully imagined & written. Not easy, but worth it, and spot-on. Kudos. ****