2019 Words

Marcel Proust - v7: Time Regained ++
Dave Barry, Lessons from Lucy
John D. MacDonald, The Deep Blue Goodbye
Anne Carson, The Albertine Workout
Roger Shattuck, Proust's Way
André Maurois, The World of Marcel Proust
Roger Shattuck, Marcel Proust
Laura Lippman, Lady in the Lake
Nick Hornby, State of the Union
Ann Beattie, A Wonderful Stroke of Luck
Kate Christensen, Trouble
Ian McEwan, Machines Like Me
Emmanuelle de Villepin, The Devil's Reward
Library of Congress, The Card Catalog
Donna Leon, Unto Us a Son is Given
Benjamin Taylor, Proust: The Search
Dave Barry, Dave Barry in Cyberspace
Patrick Modiano, Missing Person+
Andrew Sean Greer, Less
Lauren Groff, Florida
The New Yorker  +