2017 Word Inputs

Marcel Proust - v5: The Captive +
Mary Robison - One D.O.A., One on the Way: A Novel +
Denis Clifford - Estate Planning Basics +
Alli Webb - The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All
Daniel Handler - All the Dirty Parts (n) +
Adam Sternbergh - Near Enemy (n) +
Ryan Holiday - Growth Hacker Marketing (n)
Luke Rhinehart - Invasion
Joe Ide - IQ+
Harold Pinter - The Proust Screenplay: A La Recherche du Temps Perdu+
Georges Cattaui - Marcel Proust
Margaret Atwood - Hag-Seed
Marcel Proust - Letters to his Neighbor (n)+
Janet Groth - The Receptionist (n)
Max Porter - Grief is the Thing with Feathers +
Ali Smith - Public Library +
Anne Tyler - A Spool of Blue Thread (n)
Gertrude Stein - Paris, France
André Maurois - Marcel Proust: Portrait of a Genius
Ingrid Wassenaar - Marcel Proust: A Beginner's Guide
Amy Krouse Rosenthal - Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life +
Amy Krouse Rosenthal - Textbook+
The New Yorker (n) +

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